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123Tesofensine is a serotonin/noradrenaline/dopamine reuptake inhibitor. This molecule was initially developed by the German laboratory BOEHRINGER and has proven to be very effective in the treatment of overweight and obesity. Tesofensine’s operating mode is represented bellow:


Tesofensine acts in the brain decreasing appetite. A smaller appetite means you will eat less and consume less calories, therefore, losing weight.
Clinical testing on tesofensine produced convincing results.
It was shown that tesofensine was more effective than any other weight-loss medicine since patients undergoing clinical trials lost an average of 12.8 kg, i.e. 10% of body weight in 6 months. Research results published in The Lancet on November 29th, 2008 show that tesofensine is the most effective molecule in weight loss known to date.


Tesofensine is a molecule that has proven effective in obese individuals who have decided to lose weight. It is now possible to purchase tesofensine on this website in boxes of 40 tablets of 0.5 mg. This treatment is available without prescription, however, it is strongly advised that you ensure the absence of contraindications (hypertension, heart or kidney failure, anorexia, etc.).

It is recommended that you read the entire patient information leaflet and that you respect the dosage corresponding to your weight. Do not take this medicine if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are under 15.